I appreciate your reflections on the session, Vaughn. We often don't reveal this inner world as gatherers and facilitators— but, as the not-knowing-navigator— sharing this insight and your thinking about it is super interesting. Looking forward to future sessions, and your behind the curtain thinking on it.

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Happy to hear you’re splitting into two tracks, Vaughn

First time I hear abt process strategy

I googled about it and came across a few articles I liked

I wonder if you or other readers have a way to compare and contrast against recipes?

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Not-knowing and the challenges you describe that come from it, make me want to connect it to what sounds like the opposite — different ways of knowing. But I suspect the connection (if there is one), is more complex.

Have you come across that notion by John Vervaeke, known for his YouTube lecture series Awakening from the Meaning Crisis? I try to summarize his 4 ways of knowing here: https://stefanlesser.substack.com/p/four-ways-of-knowing

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