Love this. Resonates with my own journey. Love the three points especially actions having more power now. People still underestimate these.

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A fascinating subject of not-knowing, although perhaps not-knowing means something slightly different to me. (What? I'm not quite sure just yet). The not knowing fascinated me for some time. An intentional and almost therapeutic ignorance.

You write about science and technology making us believe that we have knowledge and control greater than we really do. I work in digital technology. I design systems. My experience is constant feeling that there is so much more I should know. My experience appears to be the opposite to one you present. And that is what draws me to not-knowing as a solution. I think we need to build system and environments, both social and technical, where it is OK not to know. Where we can succeed without knowing everything. In fact, without knowing most of what there is to be known.

And to do that we need to get comfortable with not-knowing. Be happy to use only the knowledge we have, to learn only what's absolutely necessary and give up the control of everything else. All in safety, that the systems and society we have designed are going to work just fine without that control.

I don't think we are quite ready to let go. But we will have to.

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