Thanks for writing this, Vaughn. And for citing one of my favorite artists (and biographies!).

Right now I'm two hours from what'll probably be a frustrating client meeting—a group who isn't really interested in asking the right questions, isn't curious about possibilities outside their consideration set, and simply demands rather than collaborates. This isn't a complaint. Just echoing back your observation that the work of gently steering them into a questioning state is The Work, and realizing that I'm gonna need more coffee to get my game face on.

Scribbled a few notes from your essay to carry into this meeting. Sometimes the writers you follow come through with the perfect perspective, right when you need it. :)

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i've been making a more than moderate effort to see irwin pieces wherever i can — for a few months in 2017, i lived maybe a 5 minute walk from the building where his venice studio was where he installed those early scrim rooms.

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