Uncertainty is everywhere

But we barely understand it and we often confuse it with risk.

The Uncertainty Mindset tries to make sense of what uncertainty is, explain how it influences everything from the food we eat to the way businesses are organized, and think about how to deal with it. One essay with some other trimmings every week, often including at least one half-baked idea.

Readers say:

“Far too many newsletters about business try to solutionize everything. To find answers. Instead I'm always drawn towards provocations. @vaughn_tan's newsletter is a constant delight.”

“Every issue changes my mind about something fundamental.”

“So refreshing, finally content worth reading!!!”

“I’ve been steeped in working within the uncertainty mindset since I started with the Antarctic program 8 years ago. Each year my tasking becomes more amorphous as I delve deeper into uncovering the archaeological remnants of the construction of the south pole station, 15 years ago. The storage berms gradually become more and more drifted in, burying more and more material, along with the memory of what the material is/was/should be for. Today I downloaded the Woo album and listened to it on repeat as I had a great day pulling apart berms and dealing with uncertainty. So thanks! You’ve been making this season one of the best! It’s weird times, and uncertainty is awesome.”

“A++ stuff on developing an uncertainty mindset delivered to your inbox.”

“Love it.”

Vaughn Tan writes The Uncertainty Mindset, which is also the title of his new book, available now worldwide from Columbia University Press.