Not-knowing, feelings, banking, the public sector, and bad sandwiches in London.
and the connections between meaning-making, innovation, data, and not-knowing.

February 2023

How — and why — I'm trying to understand not-knowing ... but explained through the lens of two approaches to working in wood. YMMV.
This issue is about what it means to "deal" with not-knowing, and the low-intervention wine fairs in the Loire last weekend.
and thinking about structural adjustment

January 2023

Recent developments in AI/ML show that machines still can't create meaning and that human-ness is (and should be) a moving target; plus some…
This issue introduces not-knowing as a concept and argues for why we should care about it especially at this time in history. It's the opener for a book…
Join me for a series of monthly online discussions about not-knowing, why it is important to think clearly about it, and tools for living with it. This…

December 2022

Crass commercialism; not-knowing; an upcoming talk; writing past and future.

December 2021

“Leaky beans.”A 25-min audio issue about adapting to uncertainty, featuring an interview with Stephen Williams and Raef Hodgson from 40 Maltby Street and Gergovie…

October 2021

idk v3.0 is now available worldwide. In this newsletter issue, find out more about why productive discomfort is crucial for learning and being…

January 2021

🌯  1) A wrap-up of Year One of this newsletter; 2) Crass commercialism: Buy my book!; 3) Year Two of the newsletter; 4) A preview of idk.