Extraordinary situations call for them.
How to think about designing people, teams, organizations, and supersystems to be ready for uncertainty.
“Leaky beans.”A 25-min audio issue about adapting to uncertainty, featuring an interview with Stephen Williams and Raef Hodgson from 40 Maltby Street and Gergovie…
This issue introduces not-knowing as a concept and argues for why we should care about it especially at this time in history. It's the opener for a book…
idk v3.0 is now available worldwide. In this newsletter issue, find out more about why productive discomfort is crucial for learning and being…
Join me for a series of monthly online discussions about not-knowing, why it is important to think clearly about it, and tools for living with it. This…
🌯  1) A wrap-up of Year One of this newsletter; 2) Crass commercialism: Buy my book!; 3) Year Two of the newsletter; 4) A preview of idk.
The economic, human, and social costs of failing to take unreasonable countermeasures against coronavirus.
How to set goals in uncertain situations.
Crass commercialism; not-knowing; an upcoming talk; writing past and future.
Time to apply the precautionary principle.
How — and why — I'm trying to understand not-knowing ... but explained through the lens of two approaches to working in wood. YMMV.